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Q. Did you make Brigadoon, Carousel and Kiss me Kate for Television?

Yes. In 1966. Armstrong Jones presented all three of them on ABC television.


Q. Brigadoon, Carousel and Kiss me Kate - where can I get a copy of the video?

Sorry at this time none are available. But do stay tuned, we are working on it? You see, they were all kept on a system called "Kinescope". There may be a way to transfer them "digitally" - but, of that I'm not certain. If not, it would be a shame, for I'm told they were all first rate productions!


Q. Is your name Stanley Appelbaum?

No. It is Robert Gerard Goulet - click "Goulet on Goulet" link in the navigation under "The Man" for the full story.


Q. Were you born in Canada?

No, I was born in Lawrence, Mass. and moved to Edmonton (Alberta), Canada after the death of my Father. But my formative (13) years were spent in Canada, a country I do love.


Q. How many children do you have?

I have three! (with six different women. But that's another story).


Q. What is your favorite song?

Oh please - there are too many great ones out there for me to pick but one.


Q. Your favorite actor or actress?

Same answer as above!


Q. What kind of music do you like to listen to?

Jazz, Classical, Country and solid pop!


Q. Which are three of your favorite films?

"Lion im Winter" Olivier's "Hamlet" and anything with Peter Sellers.


Q. Do you prefer the ocean or the mountains?

I want a home where I can enjoy both!


Q. Your favorite poem?

T.S. Elliot's "Prufrock"


Q. Name three political or humanitarian people you admire?

Churchill, Lincoln and Mother Theresa


Q. Name three people who have influenced you most in your life?

My Father, my last singing teacher and my present wife.

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