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Mr. & Mrs. Goulet
My prayers are with you at this time.You both where there for my daddy during all of his heart Surrey that he had I hope that your prayers are answers. I will keep Robert in my prayer every night .
Vera U & Robert have been dear friends to my dad for many years, and he speaks highly of both of you I hope your prayers are answers. God bless you & God bless Mr. Robert Goulet. I will pray for him every night.

Denise Miller (Norm Johnson middle daughter)


Dearest friend Robert....we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish we were nearer, but we ARE near in spirit.

Our paths have not crossed often since our days together at the Royal Conservatory in Toronto....a time when we were young and vital and consumed with music and song.....

but we have kept up a dialogue with Nikki and so hear about your life and your many successes. The last time we actually met was backstage at the

Queen Elizabeth Theatre during your last run of 'Camelot'. It was wonderful to see you and Vera again.

And now you are venturing onto a new road ....please know you are not alone on this journey. The power of positive thinking is stronger than we may imagine...So many

positive and healing thoughts are going out to you 24/7. You are very dear to so many people......and especially to your family. We all are breathing with you and for you until you

get new lungs.....Be strong in mind and spirit......

Dearest 'family'.....This is such a difficult time for you......our hearts go out to you. You all are in our thoughts and prayers too.....

God Bless you,

With sincerest affection and love,

Dolores (Doey Turgeon) and Michael Vann


Dear Mrs. Goulet,

Robert Goulet is blessed with a beautiful voice! He has truly been one of God’s gifts to this world and you have been God’s gift to him. Thank you for loving him and for being his rock. I will pray for him daily! God bless you and your family!

Mary Pozin
Chicago, Illinois


Rob: Wishing you a speedy recovery!

Larry Matzkin
GPG Productions


Dearest Vera,

I am sending you more Love & Light to help you remain strong. I will continue
to call out ALL Angels for a donor for Bobby and for a speedy recovery.
I will continue to keep both of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Vera, please take care of yourself.

Peace, Joy & Love,

Jai Guru Dev.


Sorry to hear your ill,once they find those lungs for you, you will have it made.

Good luck and God bless.

Harry P


Dear Mr. Goulet,

My thoughts are with you in this time. Hoping you have full healthy
recovery and hope you can celebrate your 25th anniversary real soon.

Sam Savage

Arlington, Texas


Dear Robert and Vera, I read of Robert's illlness the other day in the New York Daily News and wanted to extend my wishes for a sppedy recovery. I toured with Robert for 2 years in a Broadway production of CAMELOT. His generosity, talent, sincerity and wonderful sense of humor made that experience one I'll always treasure. Hang in there Robert. Soon enough the world will be hearing your glorious voice again.

Best regards,

Ben Starr Coates


My name is Maureen Ferreri I live in NYC
I wanted to express my thoughts and prayers to Mr.Goulet and family .
I will keep you all in my prayers may god bless you all.

thanks for giving fans the chance to say these things..

Maureen Ferreri
from NYC


God bless you, we are praying for you.

The Baltovski Family


I just want to let you know I will be here for you if you need me to be.
My Best to you Vera, and Robert as well,



Dear Robert and Family,

My prayers are with you during this difficult time.

Mary Ann Farrell
Philadelphia, PA


Dear Robert,

I wish you a speedy recovery and you start singing again like you used to.

I have been a fan of yours for many years and have enjoyed all your songs ...

Your Edmontonian friend

Michael Krstic


Dear Vera and Robert,

I was very fortunate to meet you both at Westbury Theatre a few years ago. It was one of the highlights of my life.

Now my thoughts and prayers are with you. My husband had a kidney transplant so I do know how hard the waiting is.

I have been lighting candles on Friday nights and have included you in my prayers.


Barbara Katz


My thoughts and prayers are with you Robert and your family.

I treasure an Album you signed personally for me after one of your concerts at the Silver Spade Room in Sydney back in the late 60’s.

What a beautiful voice – get well soon – we need to hear more of you.

Kay De Luca (Burns)
Murray Partners Pty Limited


Dear Goulet family,

I express my deepest concerns for Mr. Goulet. I wish him all the best in finding a suitable transplant. I take great interest in his current illness as it is my field of study and disheartens me that he developed this terrible disease.

Sincerly yours,

Keith Goulet, D.O.


To Mr. Goulet and his family,

Our prayers and thoughts are with you from Vancouver Canada!

Thinking of you,
Bernadette Falias


Dear Mr.Goulet,
I have never seen you perform in person,but over the years I have watched you on television
and think that you are a great singer.I learned last week that you are not well and need an operation.

I just wanted you to know that my thoughts and prayers are with you for a complete and speedy
recovery.I ,along with your millions of other fans, want to hear more of that great voice.

God Bless,
Gary Gladney
Newfoundland & Labrador


Dear Vera,

I am so sorry to hear about Robert’s condition. I love you both very much, and my prayers go out to help you find the right doner, so Robert can have a successful lung transplant. Even though we don’t see each other that often anymore, I think of you and Robert, all the time. I have so many memories from Robert driving that Jack Benny Bentley, in the Antique Auto Run at the Imperial Palace, to him singing to you and then sweeping you off your feet at your wedding reception, to take you on your Honeymoon. I can go on an on, but right now I just hope he gets well and I can see you both again soon.

All my love to you and Robert,

Stephanie Nielson


I am praying for you and your family.
You have such a beautiful gift in your voice.
I don't believe it is time to be silenced.

Thank you for all you do,
Susie Johnson


Robert....I've just now learned that you've taken up
residence at Cedars Sinai. It's a nice little hotel,
but the golf course is like a cow pasture!!!
I'm truly sorry that you're having a tough time of it,
but I know that you have the strength and the will to
make it through this ugly moment and know that the
beauty of your music will once again soar to the
I never told you this, but when we were touring in
South Pacific, I used to come to the wings early just
to hear you sing THIS NEARLY WAS MINE.
Night after night you brought something special and
unique to that music. Remember the lyric "One dream in
my heart"? Keep that dream in your mind and soul until
you walk in the sunlight once again.
Diane and I end our very best and please know you and
Vera are in our prayers.

Lew Resseguie
(Capt. Brackett in South Pacific)


My husband and I met Mr Goulet last year on a flight from Las Vegas
to Detroit. He is such a marvelous person for interacting with us
his fans and granting pictures while we all waited for the delayed
flight. What I also noticed even though he sat in first class he
sat on the isle seat and talked to people as they went by. We
thanked him when we landed in Detroit for his patience and his sincerity.

We hope and pray that the transplant comes through and he is back on
his feet.

Judy and Jim Toth
Marblehead, Ohio


My heartfelt prayers are with you all in this most difficult time. I remember watching Robert (Bob) in many films and TV shows, and once on stage. He is soooooooooo good, what can you say!!!!
My best wishes for a recovery. Take care, Shirley


I am sending my prayers to Bob and to you, Vera. I know you are very
strong and will get the hospital to do everything possible for him.
Please him my very best.

His song will soar again
Katlin Kernohan


Dear Bob, Vera, and family,

You are constantly in my thoughts and prayers.

Carol DeWitt
Dallas, GA


My prayers and thoughts continue to be with all of you.

May he get his transplant soon.
Linda Andersen


I didn't know until last night that Robert was so ill. I am so terribly sorry.

It is through times like this however I believe our trials and tribulations in this temporary world help us to have a stronger faith in our Lord...and are for our eternal growth and blessings. We each have to carry our own cross. The Lord knows Robert's plight, because He is Past, Present and Future.

Put your trust in the Lord...He knows what is best...beyond our limited imaginings or knowledge.

Be strong and know other's prayers are with you both, as mine.

With love to you and Robert,






To the Goulet Family,
Please know that my families thoughts and prayers are with Mr. Goulet
and you, his family. I grew up listening to Mr. Goulet thanks to my
parents, both born and raised in Lawrence, MA and "close" with the
nuns as well who are now in their 77th years. I didn't know his
website excisted until the news. The website music brought back great
memories of hearing Mr. Goulet's voice resonate through our happy home
as I was growing up.

Pulmonary Fibrosis (PF) was unknown to me until a very close healthy
family member was diagnosed. It was a shock to all of us. We didn't
understand where it came from or how it happened so quickly. Kudos
for posting the link to the PF site. I uncovered it when I found out
the news in my family. It was peculiar to me that such a disease
would have little attention as it's so cruel and quick with no cure in
sight. Perhaps, through Mr. Goulet's affliction and your public
awareness links it will get the attention it needs. Maybe your family
will be the pivotal figures to begin the work to find a cure as Mr.
Goulet is so well loved in respected. No one would wish this
diagnosis on anyone however. Aside from his talents and love of his
family, friends and fans, he can add a new one - a spokesperson for PF
even if through his family and this website. We need to find a cure
or a way to slow down the process while waiting. I can honestly say
after the tragedy took it's course in my family a couple of years ago
I slowly went back to my daily challenges and left PF behind -
although not forgotten. You have brought it back to me but in a way
that reminded me that it's still out there and it's not going away -
not right now.

God bless Mr. Goulet. Know that when our family say their prayers at
night he is named along with all of you.

E. Dudley
New Hampshire


Dear Goulet Family,

Just a note to let you know so many of us are thinking of you all. This must be such a very difficult time for your family and our prayers are with you all.

Robert has shared his beautiful voice with us all for such a very long time and we all love him.
May God be with you all at this time and stay strong. We will pray that Roberts gets his transplant soon.

The Toti Family


Dear Vera and Robert;

Want you to know that you are all in our thoughts and prayers, at this time, and to thank you for all of the wonderful memorable performances that you have given us through the years...I was married to Artie Brooks, and lived in Vegas for many years..Artie was a standup comic/singer, and I was a dancer so we are familiar with your incredible career.. My daughter is Bambi, Jr. who was a Vegas Entertainer..

Please know that we are waiting for your quick recovery and looking forward to seeing you perform real soon.

Doris Kotzan


Dear Mr. Goulet, Vera & family,

My heart was broken when I read of your serious illness & need for a transplant. I have lived in Las Vegas since '84 but grew up in Syracuse NY where I read you gave your last concert. My mother- who passed away in '92- was without a doubt one of your biggest fans. When I was growing up & you were on TV or your music was playing - she would say-"honey- your father is so handsome- but if it wasn't for him..........Robert Goulet would be the one for me! " [ My dad - a retired Syracuse Firefighter was [is] incredibly handsome- but you held a special place in her heart. My father is fan also by the way! Your voice is so incredible- one we will not hear again in our lifetime.

Thank you for sharing it with all of us. Ever since Camelot - we have been blessed to experience your talent. I was moved to tears today when I read in Norm's column in the RJ about your performance at Fenway Park. We are all praying for you & asking God to send your transplant soon. If my mom has anything to say about it - it's a done deal.

Please be well soon. We all love you.

Sue Bognaski
Las Vegas NV


Praying for God's healing touch. Add our prayers to those of a
thousand other fans and friends. How can I find out if perhaps I
could be the donor Bob needs? I am O pos, CMV neg and in good health.
I have submitted the same request for info to the Hospital's
website. God's Blessings.

Andrew Fanizzi
Henderson, NV


Dear Mr. Gouler and Family,

I heard about Mr. Goulet's illness while I was in Los Angeles last week and I am deeply saden by this.
Tell him that my prayers are with him and his family.

Thanks and God Bless,

Paul Lint
Cumberland, MD


Dear Mr Goulet,

I saw you perform Camelot at the Orange County Performing Art Center (in California). It still ranks as one of the best performances I’ve ever seen. Please hang in there until they find a lung for you. The world needs more of the Robert Goulet magic!

Donna McKean


My Heart aches I just Adore My Uncle RobertI Adore him.

Love, Mark


Dear Mr. G.
We've been out of touch for so many years now, but I do hope they will read this to you. It's from me, Kimmie, Kim Freund (Burkhardt), from Happy Time. I was the little 11 yr. old girl from Texas who played Annabelle, your niece. We were close for so many years and I loved you dearly. Remember after I returned to Texas and we continued to stay in touch and visit before shows, when I could find you!! I loved finding out about your family and keeping you up on all my news. I did meet Nikki once in 1968, but back then, I just heard stories about the boys when they were little. Even at 11, I remember how you glowed just telling me about them. Then, when I was 16, I came to know the Lord as my personal Savior and I was so thrilled, and just had to tell you. From then on, I prayed for each child, and for Ms. Lawrence, and then Vera, to realize how much the Lord loved them, and that they too would know Jesus in a personal way. In fact I remember the sweet talks we would have after that. Each time I saw you I was like a broken record because I wanted , so much, for you to know how much Jesus loved you. How He was with you and cared so deeply about every situation you were going through. You told me once " Did you know that If I would have been the only one on earth, that Jesus would have still died for ME?!!!". I can still see you pointing that finger at me as you said it, of course, in a very dramatic way. Well, Mr. G., Jesus still loves you that much. I'm so sorry that you are so sick, but please don't give up. I know your family is there loving on you and taking care of you. And I'm praying from the bottom of my heart for you to receive that lung, be healthy and go on with your wonderful family for many years. While you lie there, just listen to that still, small voice of the Holy Spirit as He loves on you. And remember that there is no pit that He is not deeper still. He's with you now wrapping His arms around you. And to your family, I'm praying for you too in the midst of this. I pray that you'll feel His strength and comfort as you sit and wait for your miracle. I'm holding up your arms in prayer.

God Bless You,
Kim Freund Burkhardt


To the family of Robert Goulet -

Please know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. I wish that there were something more we could do for you.

Dave Smith and family
Cedar Rapids, Iowa



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