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Dear Vera and Robert-
My thoughts and prayers are with you during this time. I have been through much tragedy and family illnesses in my lifetime. You must keep fighting and always believe! I have adored Robert since I was in high school and he was in Camelot. I have always been a huge fan, although I'm sure not #1 -- there are millions of us. That incredible voice -- no one in the world ever like it. Everytime I turn in to your website I still get chills hearing "If Ever I Would Leave You." I love you, Robert Goulet! You keep fighting and hanging in there. Please don't "ever leave us!"

Love to both of you,
Karen Bergstrom
#1 fan in Chicago



- Chariot


You used to sweep me into your arms and dance when I did a cross-over to dress Joanna Gleason. When you would sing in her dressing room, I could feel the resonance of your voice in my bones. A group of us would listen intently every night to hear what new lyrics you’d come up with for “Come Back to Me”. I was honored when you made a point of introducing me to Vera (hi, Vera) and your son. (Many years later, your son was studying with my voice teacher and recognized me when we had adjoining lessons.) The headshot you gave me, without me having to ask, said you’d meet me behind the set anytime. I have always treasured that photo. While wearing out album after album of “Camelot”, never did I dream that I would have the great honor of knowing you – even for a brief time. That you were so kind to me and spent time with me even though I was just your co-star’s dresser is a privilege that I will never forget.

When I heard that you were ill, I just had to write. You’ve meant so much to me all my life. My thoughts and good wishes are with you, Bob. I hope that you get your transplant soon and that all goes well so that you can get back to entertaining us again.

With faith, trust, and pixie dust all things are possible…

Sandi Tinker

Dear Vera and family,

just read the news about Robert needing lung transplant. wanted you to know i will be praying for an imediate donor God is good all the time. Your faith and Roberts faith will pull you thru especially with ao many others joining you around the world. Blessings on you. Get rest when you can. Let me
know if i can do anything. You were so gracious in your dealings with me.

Keith Webb

tax guy from Ohio
(hope u remember me)


Just to let you know that you are in my prayers.


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Goulet:

How well I remember your beautiful voice from my youth. How happy I was to see you again in the nut commercial, looking so well. I am so saddened to hear of the downturn in your health.

I know that the both of you are fighters and will get through this together. I have called the number for Cedars-Sinai that is on your website and urged them to provide Mr. Goulet with the needed surgery to keep this lovely man with us and singing.

Mrs. Goulet, this must be a harrowing time for you. My thoughts, prayers, and best wishes are with you and your loved ones. I pray for strength and restoration of health for Mr. Goulet. May the two of you find a portion of the joy that Mr. Goulet has brought to the world.

Renée Brunner Houser

I did not know which e-mail to send this to, but I wanted to send my get well wishes to Robert Goulet. I have not seen him perform but I have seen him work on Weird Al's video You Don't Love Me Anymore and also his appearance on The Simpsons and highly enjoyed them both. I also have heard from all accounts he is a very nice man and the world would hate to lose someone that brings so much joy to so many people, so get well soon, Robert!!

Serge Braida

Bayonne, NJ USA

Just a quick note to offer Robert our prayers for a quick recovery.
You as well as your family our in our thoughts and prayers.

JP Birtz and family
Leduc, Alberta

I am a Soldier in the US Army stationed in South Korea. I have been a fan of Mr. Goulet for many years now. I wish him the best of luck and the speediest of recoveries. He is an awesome man and one of the most talented performers I have ever had the honor to see on stage. He blew me away in Camelot and was absolutely amazing in Man of La Mancha. I saw him in Detroit at the Fox theater in the late 90's. At the performance of Man of La Mancha I went to, I was in the third row right side. It was my favorite performance. I saw him in Camelot (again at the Fox theater). I remember there was some problem, either with the orchestra or sonehting else and the show was stopped for about 10 minutes. During that time, Mr. Goulet entertained us and talked to us, the consumate performer. When the show started again, he fell right back into chararcter and finished the show.

Mr. Goulet is an inspiration and a great role model, always a gentleman. I truly wish him the quickest of recoveries. He is in my prayers and well wishes.


SGT Paul Gross


Robert and Vera,
We've never met but genealogy is my passion and Zepherine Goulet is my great great grandmother, making Robert my 8th cousin. I don't know if blood or anything other than a lung will help, but you are both welcome to anything I can provide. I recently met my great aunt for the first time, and she tells a story of meeting Robert when she was young and him offering to buy her a wardrobe. I guess she got indignant, back in the day and insisted she could take care of herself, but telling the story now in her older years seemed to bring a happy smile to her face. If nothing else please accept my best wishes.

Laura Zotz
Orland, CA


Wishing the best for mr goulet,from a lifetime fan in albuquerque nm...i was to attend the dener show, and was dissapointed that mr goulet was ill, but happy that he was performing again. my prayers for his speedy recovery have begun...good lord, return this giant of a man back tous.....thanks...
Tony Russell, Albuq NM


Dear Robert and Vera,

Just wanted to send much love and prayers your way....

Michael Pule
Stage Manager "La Cage Aux Folles"


To the Goulet Family,

I am a Registered Respiratory Therapist and I've seen enough PF in my
career to know that you have a long battle ahead of you. I've also seen
a lot of miracles happen over the years, and I know it's possible to win
these battles. It's going to take a lot of strength and determination,
but don't ever give up. I wish your family all the best and just
remember miracles really do happen.


Beth Forlina


I just learned of your illness and need for a lung transplant.
I wanted you to know that I remember you from my childhood
in Edmonton, Alberta. My parents listened to your music during
their years there between 1958-1960. My father was the opening
general manager of the then, Simpsons Sears store. I thought you
were so handsome, then and now! I've lived in California since
1960 and followed your rise to stardom. My thoughts are with
you and I hope you will recover soon.

From SeeCee Spin


Hoping that you get the lung transplant that you need and that you singing for the next 30 years. My prayers are with you.

From Beverly November


Dear Mr & Mrs Goulet,

I am so sorry to hear about Robert's illness! I have been a fan of his since I discovered him in the 60's. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Vera please take care of yourself for Robert's sake---he will need all your strength to survive.

God Bless both of you,

Nancy Larsen


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Goulet,

My prayers are with you as Robert awaits a suitable transplant. I hope that one is found quickly and that you are able to make a speedy recovery. As someone who has been involved in community theatre for over 30 years, I am a huge fan. In fact, the soundtrack to Camelot is in my cars cd-player right now.


Kurt Schlanker
Atchison, KS


Dear Mr. Goulet,

As a long time fan I'm saddened to hear you are not feeling well. I would be happy to give you one of my lungs, just tell me where to go to see if I am a match. I have two good lungs and the thought of your never singing again is more than I can bear. Would one lung help or do you need two?

My prayers are with you and I am confident that you will be fine.

Warmest regards,
Suzanne Brewer


Dear Mr. & Mrs. Goulet,

I just wanted you to know that I was introduced to your music when I was all of sixteen. I lost my Grandmother when I was sixteen, and I was devastated at the time by the loss. Your music came to me by way of an old album my uncle had at home. I played the album daily for the three weeks I remained with my Aunt & Uncle. I want to Thank You for sharing your gift / talent , your voice, with people every where, and I especially want to Thank You for your music was a gift and helped carry me through what was a very dark time for me so many years ago. I wish for you is to receive the lung transplant you need and a smooth, speedy recovery. I hope my thoughts and prayers can help carry you and your loved ones now.

Love, Karla


Hello: I am so sorry to hear of Mr. Goulet's illness and I wish him the best of luck for a successful transplant and a speedy recovery.

When I was a little girl my dream was to see Kate Smith and Robert Goulet in concert. I consider myself the luckiest person in the world because I did see Kate Smith on her last tour. I have also been lucky enough to see Mr. Goulet in concert 4 times through out the years. My new dream is to be able to see him for the 5th.

Mr. Goulet, you are a music icon and there is no one in the music industry with a voice, or personality like yours. You are the best. Please get well.

All my good wishes, Linda Demmond


Robert and Vera, My family and I are praying that you are successful in your quest for a transplant. We just became aware of your health challenge and we will pray for you tomorrow at Mass. You have entertained us for so many years, we thank you and wish you well.

Godspeed, Tom and Nora Lee


Robert, the first album I bought as a teenager in the 1960s was not a Beatles album--it was your ROBERT GOULET ON BROADWAY album! I have been a fan ever since.

My sincere prayers go out to you and your family to locate a transplant donor and for a successful surgery.

May God be with you!
Gail Davenport


Mr and Mrs Goulet,

Our thoughts and prayers go out to you in this tough time. The world has been a better place because of you two and I know that we need you to keep us entertained!

One of my dreams is to see Robert Goulet perform in Las Vegas and I still intend on doing that! Your the BEST!!

Best wishes and good health,

Chris Kroening


Dear Mr. Goulet,

I have never contacted a celebrity before but since I admire you and your music and you are going through a rough time, I thought I would send you my best wishes. I also had a curiosity about you since you lived in Edmonton for a while. My uncle Jerry Walsh (deceased) said he went to school with you and later on in my life while doing a stint with The Edmonton Musical Theatre, our director, Dasha Goody would mention you (fondly) to me.

Although I am “only” 45 I am a huge fan of “your” genre of music and am doing my best to carry the torch of “crooners” by dabbling in singing. I hope you carry your own torch for many more years to come and I wish you a speedy recovery.


Darren Knudsen


Dear Mr. Goulet:
You have the most wonderful strong, clear voice ever. May God protect it and you forever. Never will you leave us, not Fall, Winter, Spring or Summer.

God Speed. Kathleen from Middlefield, Ct.


Dear Vera,
I heard today about Robert's illness and wanted to sent to you both our wishes for his speedy recovery. I hope you are holding up well under all the stress. Please tell Robert we send our best and know he will be singing for years to come.

Warmest regards,

Ed Kasses
And the staff of
Princeton Entertainment


Hi - I know you all must be overwhelmed by this tragedy and the amount of mail to answer but I had to write.

I have been a huge fan of Robert Goulet's for years - even as a teenager when most teens didn't know who he was. I was blessed with parents who loved musicals so I was introduced to Robert's golden voice at a young age. He is a wonderful entertainer, and seems like such a nice man to be around.

I was so very sorry to hear of his illness. I have written to Cedar's to encourage them to work their hardest at finding a suitable donor for Robert so he can continue to enliven the world with his presence. It would be so sad for Vera and the children to lose their beloved husband and father when something can be done to help him.

I pray for the entire family and will continue to pray that Robert gets the transplant he needs quickly.

Melissa Blackwell


Dear Goulet Family,

My wife and I want to send our love and best wishes to you at this difficult time. It is our sincere hope that you all make it through this.

We can't remember a time in our lives when Robert wasn't there to make us smile and move us with those incredible pipes. Who can make the sunshine? Robert can.

God Bless,
Bob and Sheila Young
Porter Ranch, CA.







Just a note to tell you how special Mr. Goulet has been to me. I remember as a young man that my dad had sold him a ring from Linz Bros. jewelry in Dallas Tx. probably in the 1960's. Over the years I have seen Mr. Goulet perform in person, once having the opportunity to be behind stage as he was interviewed in Dallas at a performance by a TV critic. What a glorious voice and laugh he possesses. My brother and I and many friends had tickets but we helped a camera crew to be a part of a life long memory at that interview. My dad has been hospitalized for 4 months now and for a time was on the respirator while sedated as your husband is. While the prognosis for my dad is poor he recovered well from the respirator tether. He has other issues including dementia which makes his case differ. I just wanted to wish you strength and hope in your ordeal and lend support that it clearly can happen in a most positive way. I always thought what a handsome man he has been throughout his years but when I saw your picture I thought man what a gorgeous couple you make. I wrote an email to the hospital urging the transplant to take place and I hope and pray that we will both hear your husband sing those beautiful notes many times again as he is truly an American treasure to be shared by us all. Recently I had the pleasure of taking my 7 year old son to see the stage production of Camelot and afterwards I let him listen to the voice that will forever be associated with it. Most sincere well wishes and warmest regards to you both....

Dr. Jeff Rubinett
Fort Worth Tx.


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