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I have always been an ardent fan of yours over the years.

My mother spoke quite fondly of you as you both attended the Royal Conservatory in Toronto.
She recounted a story of how you were both waiting nervously together to take your final vocal exams.

She was very nervous and she said how you helped her to calm herself and even shared the fact that you were nervous as you had a flat note that you were worried that the adjucators would notice.

She didn't know your name then and only realized when she saw you at the Okeefe in pre broadway Camelot did she realize you were the same person. She said that when she heard you that night that you did not produce any notes off key. In fact she thought you had perfect pitch!
So, get well soon so that I can get to one of your concerts and hear that perfect pitch to!!

Catherine Oliver


I heard about your illness. I will be praying for you. I met you in the late 1960’s outside the Mike Douglas show in Philadelphia, PA.

Linda Formelio


Thank you for all the music. I hope you find the lungs to hit the high notes till you 100. What ever may come, I wish you all the best.

AB Taylor


Dear Vera:

Just found out about how sick Bob is and my prayers and my friends prayers are with all of u at a time like this. Once again God is putting u to the test at this difficult time, but I know u are strong and with all of our prayers we will get Bob through this terrible time. As u know i met Bob in the 1960's and so we go back a long time and he is the nicest and most talented person u ever want to meet. I hope and pray that they will find a match for his lung and that he will be on his way. He beat the fight with prostate cancer and he will beat this fight as well. If i could do anything for u please let me know.The mean time that's all we can do is pray light candles in the church and hope that God is on our side.

love gloria caliendo


Remember hearing you sing in l956, in Fall River Mass. and you giving me a picture that you signed. Love your singing, and you Will sing again, my thoughts and prayers are with you and your wife.

A fan of yours from Vermont.


Dear Bob,

I was dismayed to hear of your health problem. My prayers as well as Sr. Rosie's up in Heaven wish you to be well and singing again. I have been keeping an eye on you since we spent time together doing your astrological chart in Atlantic City at another difficult time in your life. I have been happy that you took some of my advise then and have had a happier life. Vera has been a very positive influence in your life. I have also been happy to see that you got rid of the Gold Frog around your neck and have a beautiful Gold Cross instead.

I now live in Palm Beach Gardens , Fl and saw your show at the Kravitz Center . Your voice is still beautiful. Would have stopped back stage but I assumed that you perhaps wouldn't remember our meeting with Sister.

I looked at your chart and saw that Jupiter is transiting your ascendant now ( a good sign for physical help). You have had Transiting Uranus going over by sign, your Moon in Aries and over into your 4th house. This has caused by energy sudden happenings to you and in your health and home surroundings. March of 2008 will be another significant time for change. Hang in there. You can get thru this . Focalize on seeing yourself when you can up, healthy, happy and singing. Use this power of thought to bring it about. Everything starts on mind level first. Hope you get that lung soon.

Love you.
Sylvia DeAngelo


Mr. Goulet,

I just read in the paper of your needing a lung transplant, my wife and I will keep you and your wife and children in our prayers.

I was fortunate to meet you after your Man Of La Mancha performance in Louisville, Ky. in 1997. You were very pleasant to talk to.

I kept telling you what a lovely voice you have, and we spoke of the flood waters we were experiencing at the time.

I hope your wife can read this to so you may know that your kindness to me touched my heart and that in some small way,

I can support you in your need at this time.

May God be with you and your family Mr. Goulet.

Bryan Barber

Louisville, Kentucky


Dear Mr Goulet,

I too have Pulmonary Fibrosis and am on the transplant list since March 30, 2007. My condition is not as drastic as yours and I do hope you receive your new lung.

My father also had this dreaded disease about 20 some years ago and was not able to qualify for a transplant because at that time they were just being started and the survival rate wasn't anything like it is now. I know what to expect if I don't get my transplant. My father was not placed on a ventilator, he was in Hospice when he died and it happened at home with his family around him. It was a peaceful death.

I'm writing to tell you that I will include you in my prayers and hope you do get you transplant soon but please after you receive the gift of life don't forget that there are more people that die from this disease every year than those with breast cancer, so please lend you name to the Coalition for Pulmonary Fibrosis so money can be raised to get rid of this awful disease.

Good luck to you and God Bless.

Nancy Johnson


Mr. Goulet:

I’m praying for you. I know you are strong and I hope and pray that God will allow you to get well soon.

I think you are a great entertainer. I absolutely love your voice. My favorite song is “If ever I would leave you.” After you recuperate, I hope you can find time to do a special on television and sing my favorite song,

Adrian Middleton


Hello Bob and Vera,

I hope you remember me, I was the one who sent you the flowers
backstage at Camelot recently(maybe not that recent) here in Minneapolis
when you did Camelot, I believe playing King Arthur this time around.
And, you were kind enough and sweet enough to send me a note, which I
will always treasure.

I am so sorry to hear of your illness. My heart is just aching.
I love you and your voice and you need to get well so more people can
hear it.

You are too young to leave. I have always been a huge fan of yours,
ever since I saw you in the ABC television version of Brigadoon, and
when you played Lancelot in Camelot.

And, I'm not sure you remember this. But when you were performing at
Orchestra Hall in the 80's in March around my birthday, you actually
came down off the stage, and sang directly to me. I was in the fifth row. That is one
thing I will never ever forget. I loved every second of it.
I hope they find a transplant soon. We need you back.

You are always in my thoughts. And, Vera I know you are taking
wonderful care of Robert and please know that everyone around the
world is pulling for him.

Love to you both,



BRIGADOON holds a special place in my heart. Is there any chance it will be released either on cd or on dvd? No one before or since has done it like Mr. Goulet, I’m still not certain if the real magic of Brigadoon isn’t it’s lead character and his magnificent voice!

I pray for you in this most difficult time. May God give you both strength and endurance.

Julie Meisinger



I was very sad to hear that you are in need of a lung transplant. I hope you get one soon and have a speedy recovery.

Please take care,

Dale & Dennis Flahive


Mr. Goulet,

I have been in love with your handsome face and beautiful voice since I was 12 years old! You are in my thoughts and prayers. God bless you and get you well soon.

All my best,

Debbie Zarzecki


Our thoughts and prayers are with Robert. What a tremendous voice and person! God will always be with you, so stay strong!



Dearest Bob and Vera,

It is such irony and pain, after the long, successful journey with prostate cancer, to meet with this. We were stricken to think of you both going through this. You share great love - you two - and you have friends out here sending more love.

Keep him singing while you wait... picture the future you want - spirit is strong! And you both have great spirit. We send our love. We send our prayers that recovery, renewed health and joy are just around the corner as you have so many more things to do.

God Bless, Terry and Bernard

Hang in there, Mr. Goulet! I received a kidney transplant 10 1/2 yrs ago after being on dialysis for 5 yrs! Prayers are answered! Some family will donate loved one's organs so that others may live. My kidney was a cadaver, and I thank that family every day!

Your illness became sudden, I read, but with prayers from around the world and good wishes, you will receive the lung(s) & it will be a successful transplant.

I saw you years ago at Starlight Musicals in Indpls IN. I sat on the second row and almost "swooned" like a teenager....your voice and looks were so fantastic!

Best wishes to you and your family. HANG IN THERE!

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