fan's room


Dear Robert,

You are in my thoughts and prayers. Hopefully they come up with a cadaver with a good lung. I only wish I were healthy enough to offer you one of mine. I'm sure I'm what they call not a good candidate because I am 67 years of age and have diabetes.

I have been a fan since you hit the Broadway stage in Camelot. I have seen you religiously since 1961 when you first appeared at the Latin Casino. Whenever you were in our Philadelphia area, I was there. I was a member of the fan club and still look forward to a wonderful Christmas card I receive each December.

I couldn't tell you how many times I've seen Camelot. Once during a show at the Valley Forge Music Far, I was escorted from the audience because I took a picture, even though there was no flash. I was taken to the managers office by a big burly person and had to give them my film. I was really upset, not because of losing the film, but because I missed some of the performance.

Since my daughter was old enough to understand I told her she has "Robert Goulet Eyes". Several years ago when you appeared in Wilmington we had a chance to visit and chat with you back stage and when the visit was over, her comment was his eyes are wonderful. They are beautiful and blue and so much a part of you.

You have entertained me for years with your performances on stage and on Broadway. During The Happy Times we had the opportunity to visit back stage when we saw the show and it was a highlight.

To say you have been my favorite forever, doesn't say enough. You are the best!!

I pray everything goes well for you and the family.. You are a fighter and I know when you get that new lung, I'll get to see you perform again. .

Your voice is a God given talent and I'm sure he will do whatever is necessary to keep it going until you reach 100.

Good luck, God Bless, Love and hugs from your number one fan,

Kay Sonier
Newtown Square, PA.


I am a big fan of the crooners…big stars of yesteryear that can sing like the angels. Robert Goulet is among them. Not only is he beautiful he has a beautiful voice. I am keeping both you and Vera in my toughts and prayers. I can only hope that God gives you the strength and courage to get through this ordeal. Just know that there are people who love you and are pulling for you. Best wishes!

Eric Johanson


My love and prayers are with you. Hang in there. The world is not ready to go on without you.



Hi Vera,
Just letting you know I've got my fingers crossed, and also realizing you must have already been under duress when I bugged you with that silly stuff a few weeks ago. Apologies for that.

Mike Weatherford
Entertainment reporter
Las Vegas Review-Journal


Vera and Robert:

I am so saddened by the news of Robert's condition. I pray that he receives his transplant and fully recouperates.

I had the pleasure of meeting with Robert in May 1978, in August 1993 and then again when he filled in for Phil Bosco in Moon Over Buffalo. We also shared the friendship of Fred Kelly.

I remain a loving fan of Robert's and may God hear my prayers for his speedy recovery.


Sandi Talavera


Mrs Goulet:
I will keep your husband Robert and you and your children in my prayers.



Dear Mr & Mrs Goulet,

I will keep you both in my prayers! May God grant you healing!

Thank you for all the wonderful music through all the years -- I pray that He gives you both many more years!

Cheryl Jansch (a life-long fan!)


Dear Mr&Mrs Goulet,
I wanted to send my heartfelt prayers during your time of need. I wish you a speedy recovery, and hope and pray you get a Lung soon. Get well soon.. God Bless you and your family. God works Miracles, so please continue to believe. Mrs. Goulet, I want you to please take care of yourself as well. Mr G. Needs you to be strong for him as well. I do hope you get the chance to read this and keep me posted on Mr. G condition. If you don't then I will understand. However if you could tell me where I might find information on his condition, so I can keep up with how things are going with him and you as well, I would appreciate it very much..tell Mr. G we want him to get better soon.
God Bless You Always, Donna Elder


Dear Mr. and Mrs. Goulet:
May the very Breath of Heaven fill Mr. Goulet's lungs and heal and restore, as only God can. May your team of physicians, nurses, therapists and technicians be blessed with great insight, wisdom, and solutions. May the love and peace of the Lord sustain and strengthen you and your family.
Anny M K, a fan



Hope you receive the lung transplant as soon as possible, all your fans are praying for you.

Greg and Linda Bieg


Dear Robert,
My prayers are with you, your wife, and and your family.
I grew up listening to your wonderful voice .
I just had a kidney transplant in July and I feel wonderful,
with Gods grace so will you.
May he bless you and your family
Alicia Hartman


My thoughts and love go out to you two cherished people. Strength and
prayers are with you both. I look forward to the words that you will be


Mariluise McDermott

P.S. This was sent by Mariluise' daughter Kim.


I heard about your problem today, and am wishing you Godspeed for a smooth recovery.


Dear Mr. Goulet,

I have always admired your talent. I grew in a home where Broadway show tunes were played quite often. I knew the lyrics to all of the songs in Camelot by age 11.

I once met you after a performance of Camelot in Charlotte, NC in the early '90's. You were kind enough to grant my request to hear you sing 16 measures of If Ever I Would Leave You. It is a memory that I will always treasure!

You and your family are in my prayers. I am looking forward to seeing you perform in the future and hear one of the greatest voices on this earth. God bless you!

Brandee Carl-Werner


Dear Mr. Goulet and family,

I have been a fan for many, many years. It was always exciting to have you come into Bacchi's Restaurant in Lake Forest at North Lake Tahoe. I working for Bill and Sarah Hunter for several years.
I will be praying for all of you.

Sincerely.........Jerry from Pleasanton, Calfornia


Love and prayers....



I am praying that Robert will have a full and speedy recovery! He is a magnificent performer and I know how much it means to him to be on stage. God Bless him and his family during this time.



Sorry to hear about yout illness. I hope you will be able to get your lung transplants soon & wish you a speedy recovery. You are a great singer & miss hearing you sing. God Bless You & your wife & we pray for your recovery & hope you will be singing again soon. We all wish you the best of
Health in your future & get your lung transplants soon for your speedy recovery from your illness.

A big fan of yours,

Frank Perna & my wife, Helen.

Dear Bob and Vera

I am praying for your full recovery. We still want you to sing "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody" when we make our movie Banned in Boston.
Get Well Soon. The whole world needs your beautiful voice and inspiration.

Lilly Ann Rose
author Banned in Boston


Hell sir,

I am just a 40 year old man that didnt make it to LA when my calling came and just wanted to say I love your singing and acting ability. Most people would love to meet someone as yourself in person and we are pulling for you to recover. Us little people are all wishing you the best :)






God bless you and Robert - your courage and love are inspiring - thank you, Gary F


Dearest Mr. and Mrs. Goulet,
Our prayers and love are with you both and we hope for all the best. I just lost my beloved dad to lung cancer (never smoked a day in his 80 year old life) on June 27th and he was and still is my hero. He and my mother loved Robert Goulet and his wonderful talents. God Bless the two of you and remember our prayers are with you.

Patty Strause

Stockton, Ca


Dear Vera,
We are not sure if Robert will get to see our card at the hospital, but we wanted to tell him our good wishes for a speedy recovery. We know this is a very hard time for you and the rest of the family. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all. We send our love to you, and best wishes to Robert for a speedy recovery.

With love,
Lorraine and Harold


To Mr. Goulet~
I have been a fan of yours since I was a child and my love of singing and musical performance was rooted in hearing your beautiful voice. I was so lucky to hear you perform in Camelot, a few years back. I cried the entire time I was disbelief of actually hearing your voice in person.
I am praying for a lung to become available and any other medical treatments that can assist you. And I am praying for your family, during this very scary and stressful time. God be with you all...
Hang in there, Mr. G ~ We're not ready to let your voice become a memory.

Charlotte, NC


Hey, Robert!

Hang in there and get well soon! When you're back on your feet and beautifying the world again with your singing, stop by in Madison and I'll buy you a cold beer and one of the best steaks you'll ever have!

Thanks for all the wonderful entertainment you've given me over the years. Everything you sing, God smiles!

Love and best wishes to you and your family!

--Jack Robertson


Dear Vera,
I just want you to know that we are all praying for Robert's recovery.I will be playing Roberts music everyday at English Garden until his recovery and return home.Please take care.

Sincerely, David.


Warmest wishes for a quick recovery.

Jim Greenslate
Ashland, Ky.


Dear Robert and Vera,

We are all praying for Robert's speedy and full recovery. Stay strong, may God be with you and your family.

Gregory Saffady
St. Clair Shores, Michigan


Hope you have a transplant real soon and on the road again. Sally


My prayers are with you and your wife.
I first saw you in Camelot with a group of friends when I was 16. You were one of our idols at the time and we waited to see you and get your autograph outside the stage door after the show. I'm sure I still have that in my collection box!
I had been looking forward to seeing you in Denver, where we live now. And I feel a connection because I'm from Vegas and many of my family still live there, including my dad.
My best wishes for a successful recovery. Then hope to see you on stage again soon.

Nancy Bentzen


Dear Vera,

I have been a fan of your husband’s since I was 13, (I’m now 59) as I proved to him the 2nd time I got to meet him at Wolfe Trap, here in Virginia. The first time he invited me backstage, I met you as well. He was there in South Pacific and I had two letters he had sent me when I was 16 and 18.

Then when he was there for Man of La Mancha, he had fallen and cracked or broken some ribs, so I didn’t get invited backstage, although he did call my home and leave me two messages. I was invited back again when he was there in Camelot and I got to show him my scrap book I’d kept for years, and got my picture taken with him, which was the thrill of a lifetime.

I will keep you both in my prayers as he awaits a lung transplant. I trust God will find a donor so we do not lose this wonderful talent who was so very kind when we met.

Sincerely, Diana

My prayers are with you and your wife.
I first saw you in Camelot with a group of friends when I was 16. You were one of our idols at the time and we waited to see you and get your autograph outside the stage door after the show. I'm sure I still have that in my collection box!
I had been looking forward to seeing you in Denver, where we live now. And I feel a connection because I'm from Vegas and many of my family still live there, including my dad.
My best wishes for a successful recovery. Then hope to see you on stage again soon.

Nancy Bentzen

Robert and Vera,

We met nearly 12 years ago when you visited the Holocaust Museum in Washington. Your generosity, warmth and openness touched me greatly. You are two very special people. Over the years I have continued to follow news about Robert...enjoyed the commercials and terrific reviews. I was sad to read the news today about Robert's fight for his life. My family and I pray for strength for you both and the much needed that Robert can continue to be the gift he is to so many people.

Warm regards,

Mari-Ellen Testa

I just wanted to say you are in my thoughts and prayers...He is a wonderful entertainer and singer. I am from St. Louis, Mo and saw him years ago with my family at the Muny. He was awsome and always will be. I have lit a special candle for him and asked for a special mass for him and the family...

May God Bless you all..
Teresa Sellers
Hazelwood, MO

I don't know if you will remember the times in the early 90s you used to come into the Sands to The Regency Room for dinner and lean on my white grand piano and horse around with me. They are some of my fondest memories and it gives me joy to relate those stories to friends and family and tell them what a friendly and kind person you are...My thoughts and prayers are with you in your ordeal and I look forward to hearing your great voice again soon...Please give my best to Vera and God Bless You.

Buddy Nash

Mr. Goulet,

I have adored you since I was a young girl. I saw you play Billy Bigelow in Carousel and was smitten. I've never been able to find a copy of that movie although I've searched for years. I've loved musicals my entire life and actually performed myself with The Southern Arizona Light Opera Company. Yes, we did Carousel..........I was only a townsperson but got to do what I so enjoy doing..........sing!

I saw you play King Arthur in Camelot right here in Tucson, Arizona. My seat was in the third row, therefore I could see the twinkle in your eye. It was one of the highlights of my life.

I just wanted you to know that I have so admired you my entire have the most beautiful voice. I pray for your return to health..........I think the world needs you for a bit longer. I will pray for you and your wife daily.


Dorie Pickinpaugh
Tucson, Arizona

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