“I will be remembered by my Vera, family and friends. There will be sadness and some tears, but shared memories will evoke much laughter and that will make me happy. They should discern a chortle from my urn!”

My epitaph shall read: 

“He left them smiling!”

Robert Goulet


“It would be difficult to decide in my roller coaster existence, just when I had my ‘Best Day.’ Perhaps it was when I married my present wife, Vera. Or, the day when my three children were born. Certainly the day I came away cancer-free from a prostate operation stands near the top. For now, everyday seems as if it should be the best day of them all. I like to think of them as such.” 

Robert Goulet  March 20, 1996

 "One of the lines in Man Of La Mancha spoken of the Duke in the play by Cervantes/ Don Quixote is, ‘He carries his self importance as if afraid of breaking it’ amuses me immensely.  No one should take himself that seriously." Robert Goulet


“You have to have humor, and be able to laugh at yourself"  

Robert Goulet.

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Robert GouletRobert Goulet