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March 23, 1997 

 Q     How do you interpret the image of Don Quixote? He is a romantic, an idealist! What does this crazy knight stand for in your mind?


RG     He believes in truth and honesty. A romantic, an idealist. Something we all need to believe in. 


Q    Beside being entertained d is there a message you want the audience to take away from “Man of La Mancha”?

RG    “Call nothing thine own but thy soul”.


Q     I still get shivers when I hear “Impossible Dream.” How do you feel when you are on stage playing the part of this inspirational figure?

RG    I try to feel his honesty.


Q      Do you think  “Man of La Mancha” represents the romantic interpretation (as opposed to the comedic interpretation) of Cervantes’ novel or a mixture? If it is romantic, what does this say about contemporary Americans’ need for heroes, idealism, etc.?

RG     I think it is a pleasant mixture of romance, humor and reality.Hey the world hungers for heroes!


Q      I’ve heard people describe Don Quixote as “the windmill guy.” Can you comment on the significance of this episode as a symbol in our culture?

RG    Oh - that’s too obvious. The little guy always loses out to the big guy with clout. But he has to try.


Q       Most scholars agree that Cervantes wroteDon Quixote(at least Part One) as a “funny book.” Can you talk about the knight as buffoon. How does you audience like the humor? Will you also comment on how the humor in the book changes from slapstick to a more profound amusement in Part Two?.

RG    I didn’t write this piece I merely play in it and though there is less humor in the 2nd act we also need ruminate and care.


Q      What is the importance of idealism in our modern day society? Should idealism be tempered with realism or do we need more unrestrained idealism in our increasingly cynical world?            

RG    Would that we could? I never thought that one should lie cheat and steal. It’s happened to me all my life.


Q     Many believe Cervantes started out as an idealist and then became disillusioned. How do you think the author and his character compare?

RG   Aren’t they, one and the same?


Q      Who is Dulcinea and what does Dulcinea represent?

RG   We all have our Dulcinea’s and dreams. Some see it as happiness and a  family.    Others in the form of $ and power.