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Q:  what is a day in your life like? What do you do from waking to hitting the hay each day?

A: I  read three newspapers a day, a dozen magazines (weekly), eat sparingly, exercise excessively for  approximately ten minutes, watch the Today and Tonight shows, news and sports, and pamper my wife. When I’m not working, my day is very different and disciplined.

Q: What would you say is the highlight of your career so far and how does it compare to your overall career goal?

A:  I’ve yet to arrive at or achieve the highlight of my career.

Q: Who was the first person to tell you getting into this profession was a crazy idea? At what point did you agree (even if it was momentarily)?

A: On his death bed, my Father’s last words to me were: “Robert, God gave you a voice, you must sing!” I’ve always thought that, that was a crazy idea.

Q: Have you made some contacts using the internet that you know you wouldn't have made if it weren't for the web?

A:  My wife handles that side of my career. 

Q:  Tell me one of the negatives aspects of your field. Do not say there are none! 

A:  There are a lot of scavenger sharks out there. As a person who grew up learning that one shouldn’t lie, steal or cheat, it’s demoralizing to find that for a large part of my life, I’ve been lied to, stolen from and cheated. Charming, what?

 Q: Tell me something people do not realize about you, maybe it's not a secret, maybe it's not anything special, but it could be something no one else has ever asked you about until now?

A: When an interviewer asked me once what I was most vain about, I answered “my humility.” I don’t think I’m anything special.

Q: What's the craziest thing you have experienced in the industry? Maybe it's something you witnessed and didn't participate in that would shock us, make us laugh or show us another side to things besides the obvious.
A: Oh,  please! 

Q: Anything embarrassing happen when YOU were trying to look cool? What?
A : Oh, please!

 Q: The biggest lie about your industry ever is?

A : That it is glamorous.

Q: The biggest PLUS FACTOR about your industry is?
A: We bring solace to those in need of it. 

 Q: Have the people around you changed since you've gotten recognition for your work? Sometimes those who weren’t so supportive in the beginning, suddenly became supportive or possibly vice versa; they became less supportive.?

A: I have a few friends that I trust would be there if the bottom fell out. But, a few is all you need. Most important thing is knowing that  my wife is always there.

Q: What is your most frequently asked question and/or what question makes you crazy whenever asked but you somehow remain composed enough to answer?
A: “Are your eyes really blue?"

Q: Tell me a joke!
A : We haven’t the time. 

Q: Who should hang up their hat in this business? Why?
A: To answer this would be to hurt someone’s feelings. You don’t want me to do that. 

Q: Tell me your favorite movie genre, name a few titles, and the video or dvd you have watched the most?
A: I’m a fan of good writing, good directing and good acting. “On Golden Pond”  is one of my favorites. 

 Q: What is the TV show that  you miss from childhood?

A : I didn’t have T.V. as a child.

 Q: Ever had someone from school or an odd job back in the day try and track you down after realizing what you do for a living now?

A:  Oh, sure. 

 Q: If you were anyone else besides yourself, who would you be (even for just a day, on a good day) and did you emulate them growing up?

A:  A preacher. One who saved souls.

Q: Who is the most intriguing person in your business today besides yourself? Why?

A: There are so many talented people in this huge business.